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First we would like to thank all of partners for believing in us and helping us along the way. As a due respect to our partners, we would like create a list as time goes on of all the people / companies that we work with and support. Without further ado, here is the list with a small bio.


Lost Souls Investigations was recently named the Resident Paranormal team of the Historic Hotel Leger.

The Hotel Leger began life in 1851 as a wood-framed tent on the corner of Main and Lafayette Streets in the Gold Rush boom town of Mokelumne Hill. Operated by George Lêger and called the Hotel de France, it catered to the large French population that had come to town with hopes of newfound wealth.

Over the years it grew into three separate buildings. One served as the Calaveras County Courthouse from 1855 to 1866. The basement also served as the county jail.

Three devastating fires razed most of Mokelumne Hill in 1854, 1865 and again in 1874. The old stone courthouse was the only building to survive.

To see the ghost stories of the beautifully haunted Hotel Leger please click on the link below:


Staying the weekend is highly recommended. They also have an amazing restaurant! Their chef Louie is beyond amazing! Please click on the link below to check out the hotel and make a reservation to stay!


Lost Souls Investigations will be starting a monthly tour/investigation at Hotel Leger. More information coming to you soon!!

The Old Hotel Leger


The New Hotel Leger


Ghost Outlet.com

Since I captured my first EVP in 1976 on a reel to reel recorder in a house haunted by ghosts and strange phenomena, I have been fascinated by evidence (data) that supports the existence and interaction with the paranormal realm. In the late 90’s I published a magazine for 4 years called “Unknown Magazine- Real Experiences of Strange and Unusual Phenomena” and launched the website in 1997. In 2003 I began my adventure taking my passion and interest further onto TV with the series “Dead Famous” investigating celebrity ghost sightings. The rest as they say is history.

In 2007 my website began to involve adding a store and selling ghost hunting equipment. I cannot tell you how many times I was asked “where do I get this…do you carry that?” So I decided to evolve the store, which before only sold back issues of Unknown Magazine, to branch off into the world of paranormal technology. With the use of the K-II meter in my investigations and research to EVP and ITC, namely the spirit box (SB7) and the PX (now named Ovilus X). You now see this evolution grow even further as GhostOutlet.com, named in 2009, merges to it’s own website with better user capabilities, technology and graphics giving you an easier more enjoyable experience.

As a customer you will be happy to know we will be adding more products and continue to add the latest and best equipment out there as well as offer specials on “used” equipment for those on a budget. Feel free to browse our site for rare and hard to find items.  Back issues of popular paranormal magazines like Unknown Magazine, Taps Paramag, Fate, UFO mag, and more! We also carry photos, artwork, T-shirts, books, and hard to find items and one of a kind collectables you won’t find anywhere else. We are always adding things. So stop by frequently. I am not only a believer and an investigator, but also a fan of the field.

The paranormal has always been my life and highest interest in who we are and where we are going, thank you for supporting me, Unknown Magazine and now GhostOutlet.com to further that dream and growth in the paranormal community.

-Chris Fleming

Welcome and thank you for joining us on this journey into the Unknown.