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We are paranormal investigators helping those in need and exploring the unknown.

With a decade of experience we are dedicated to helping those in need. We specialize in residential cases. Researching the paranormal is not only a great passion of ours its a way of life.

The Paranormal Diaries- A Documentary Film

Follow along as two brothers embark on a paranormal journey across the country in search of the most haunted locations in the US. Blaine Duncan known for his work on the http://www.amityvillefiles.com, is setting out on an adventure to film a documentary America’s most haunted locations. The exciting part about this project is that it is being made by paranormal enthusiasts, for paranormal enthusiasts. I am hoping that the paranormal community can come together to help a fellow investigator achieve his goals with this project. Locations ideas would be great. If you have any locations you would like to see in this film please contact Blaine at https://www.facebook.com/theparanormaldiariesfilm/. It would also be appreciated if you can make a contribution to help fund the project. Please click on the “click me” button for more information on that.